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Name:The Ancient World
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Community description:Ancient World
Welcome to the discussion centered around the history and cultures of the Ancient World to the Renaissance period.

The moderator isn't an expert on the subject, but since no one else was making communities like this, decided to so anyway.

If you need a free DreamWidth code or two, please visit this link, but be sure to give thanks to whoever you have borrowed it from-

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academia, afroasiatic linguistics, age of exploration, akkad, alexandria, americas, amorites, ancient archaeology, ancient art, ancient astrology, ancient greek, ancient history, ancient italy, ancient kingship, ancient languages, ancient literature, ancient magic, ancient mediterranean, ancient mythology, ancient near east, ancient occult, ancient poetry, ancient religions, ancient world, anthropology, arabia, archaeoastronomy, archaeology, art history, asia, assyria, aztecs, babylon, bactria, books, canaan, canaanites, celts, central asia, china, classical india, classics, comparative linguistics, comparative religion, dead languages, early christianity, eastern europe, egypt, egyptology, elam, etruscans, eurasian nomads, gaul, gauls, genocide studies, greece, greek, greek papyri, greek philosophy, hellenistic age, hellenistic astrology, hellenistic era, hellenistic middle east, hellenistic world, hermeticism, historical linguistics, history of astrology, hittites, homer, incas, india, iran, italy, japan, korea, latin, lebanon, levant, literature, magic, mary beard, mayans, mediterranean, mediterranean religions, mediterranean sea, mediterranean studies, mesoamerica, middle east, mythology, nabateans, nahua, near east, neoplatonism, occult, pakistan, patagonia, persia, peter green, philosophy, philosophy of history, phonecia, phonecians, platonism, prehistory, religion, renaissance, research, research ethics, reviews, roman britain, roman empire, roman italy, rome, sarah iles johnston, scholarly books, semitic languages, silk road, south east asia, sumer, syria, toltecs, translations, uruk, walter burkert, zoroastrianism
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